Its been a busy week in the world of VR with GDC coming to a close for another years and Oculus finally revealing the software launch lineup for their soon to be released Rift virtual reality HMD.

Up until now Oculus have been tight lipped as to which titles would be available on launch and with only days left until pre-order shipping (28th March) Oculus finally confirmed the lineup via a press event held at GDC. With 30 titles available including several Oculus exclusives and a handful of Gear VR ports there's a little something for everyone.

More games are expected to be announced in April with the full catalogue of titles expected to reach over 100 by the end of 2016.

With shipping of the consumer Oculus Rift just around the corner the time has come for VRDominion to build a new Rift ready PC. We've tried to keep the specs close to Oculus's recommendations as we'll be using it for Rift CV1 testing/reviews and possibly some development work later on down the track.

Finally after several years and multiple development kits the wait is nearly over !!!

Oculus have finally announced that pre-orders for their Virtual Reality HMD the "Rift" will be open via their website from 8am Pacific Time on January 6 2016 and will be initially limited to 20 different countries with others to soon follow.

Pre-orders for virtual reality HMD the Oculus Rift are now open!!

Coming in at $599 USD (Plus Shipping & Tax) the price has come as a shock to many who were expecting the consumer version Rift to retail at around $350 USD.

The Rift has been under development for a number of years now and throughout its development Oculus have been alluding the consumer Rift would be around the same cost as thier second developer kit (DK2) at $350 USD and would be sold at cost or at a loss by Oculus. 

In a recent interview with Ben Lang from Oculus founder Palmer Luckey even helped to reinforce the pricing misconception, when asked if the Rift price would come in around that $350 ballpark target Luckey responded with:

Originally planned for release in Q2 2016 Oculus's Touch controllers are now set to be release sometime in the second half of 2016. This is a major disappointment for those looking at picking up an Oculus Rift in Q1 2016 as the tracked controllers are a vital component for delivering immersive VR experiences.

For those not familiar, the Oculus Touch controllers allow users to bring their hands into VR for interaction with the virtual environment; Not only are hand position/movements tracked but Touch also support limited hand gestures such as a thumbs up.

Oculus announced via their blog that the cause for the delay was due to further time being needed to perfect the touch controller and that improvements are being made in both functionality and ergonomics.Check out the full announcement taken from their blog: