Ever wanted to immerse yourself in a song? Ever dreamed about participating in a private concert, where you can take a closer look on the artist? Since the 360 video revolution came, it all became possible. Spherical videos are getting more and more popular in the music industry. There are plenty 360 music videos worth seeing including a variety of top artists. Popular muscians like Taylor Swift, living legends like Paul McCartney, rock bands like Foals, or even alternative music diva’s like Byörk have their 360 video material. There’s a bit of 360 video experience for nearly everyone. But what about fans of classical music?

It is a myth, that classical music is only for old-timers. Want to see a proof? Watch the newest 360 video of Artur Sychowski - a young classical composer proving our point. The concept behind this video is quite unusual. The performance was recorded at the Museum of Literature and Kashubian-Pomeranian Music in Wejcherowo.The artist was giving a piano concert in an intimate atmosphere with no audience. Why no audience? To make you feel like he’s playing only for you! And you can feel it clearly as you view it on Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard.

The video was recorded with a custom 18 camera rig, which allowed to make it fully stereoscopic. Three cameras on top and another three on the bottom of the camera rig allowed the crew to record not only 360 angle, but also the whole sphere. This is probably the first music 360 video available in 8k resoution! It is a fully stereoscopic image, which gives you the feel of a deep immersion. Enjoy the 8k resolution while watching it on youtube, and up to 8k while using your phone with google cardboard (depending on phone model).

Part One:

Part Two:

Artur Sychowski is one of the most talented and sought-after artists of the young generation,  performing in concert halls in the UK, Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Lithuania, Malta, Serbia, and his native Poland. In Europe, it’s hard to find a similar artist equal to Artur who is an out-of-the-box pianist, composer (including film and theater), improviser, accompanist and a member of multitude of vocal and instrumental musical ensembles. Young as he is, Artur is already an active and experienced live performer receiving friendly reception wherever he goes.

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