First released on the Galaxy S6 Gear VR back in April Omega Agent has finally arrived on the Note4 version and I can assure you it was worth the wait.

Developed by FireProof Games , Omega Agent puts you in the shoes of a rookie spy armed with a nuclear powered jet pack. Your mission (should you choose to accept) is to rise through the ranks of the elite to graduate as the ultimate spy, the elusive Omega Agent.



"Strap into your very own nuclear-powered jet-pack and blast into the skies of Omega Island, a volcanic sea enclave converted to a vast, intricate super-spy training facility. Soar high above its mountainous peaks for an eagle-eye view, or power dive into the underground base to get up close and physical. Test your piloting skills by weaving through the dense roads of the cityscape, or boost from rooftop to rooftop to find the quickest routes to success."



Controlling you nuclear powered jet-pack requires a Bluetooth controller and can take a little time to get accustomed to, but with the option to steer by either control stick or gaze direction you'll be zooming around the map in no time.

EXPLORATION: Pilot your prototype Omega Jetpack around every nook and cranny of Omega Island, discovering hidden areas and recovering top-secret documents.

PUZZLES: Designed to test your skills and your cunning, Omega Island brims with devious puzzles only the craftiest super-spies will crack.

MISSIONS: A suite of 40 diverse missions will push your jetpack piloting skills to their limits. From tests of speed and manoeuvrability, to all-out weaponised combat against a barrage of lethal enemies.

Omega Agent is a blast to play and is one of my favorite Gear VR titles, my only gripe is it has the same issue that affects most of the other high end Gear VR experiences which is heat. At most you'll be lucky to get around 15 minutes of play before the dreaded overheating message rears its ugly head and forces a shutdown of the app.

For me the overheating issue is a serious problem with Gear VR, especially in games such as Omega Agent in which I would gladly spend hours in long play sessions if possible. Unless Oculus and game developers can overcome this issue with either software optimization or in future hardware iterations I don't like the chances of Gear VR going mainstream anytime soon.

Developer:  FireProof Games
Platform:  Gear VR (Note4 & S6)
Release Date: 30/04/2015 (S6) , 13/08/2015 (Note4)
Cost: $10 USD

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