There was a lot of big announcements to come out of the Oculus Connect developers conference earlier this year but that one that piqued my interest most was that Oculus Arcade would be coming to Gear VR and at last the wait is over. 

Featuring 21 classics from arcade big guns Sega, Midway and Bandai Namco there's something for everyone:


SEGA Midway Bandai Namco
Altered Beast APB Pacman
Golden Axe Defender Galaga
Phantasy Star II Joust  
Shinobi III Gauntlet  
Sonic the Hedgehog Gauntlet II  
Sonic Spinball Rampage  
Streets of Rage Root Beer Tapper  
Streets of Rage 2 Spy Hunter  
Virtua Fighter 2    
Ecco the Dolphin    


Oculus have done an outstanding job in creating a futuristic lobby area from which you can select from the 3 different brands; once selected you're then given a more traditional arcade setting and a line up of classic cabinets to choose from.  



Although the Oculus arcade app itself is free the games unfortunately are not. You're given a 20 minute free trial before you have to pony up some cash to unlock the cabinet, with each game costing up to $2.99 its not a big ask for those like myself who get to the chance to revisit their misspent youth.

Control is handled via game-pad and controller movement is mirrored to the cabinets classic stick and buttons which adds a nice touch. Unfortunately unlike the recent Oculus social app the arcade is currently single player only.   A major part of the arcade experience is co-op play and without it games like Golden Axe just don't feel quite right.

The Arcade is still in Beta so hopefully we'll see multiplayer added in the near future. I'd also like to see some titles from Capcom added as it isn't a trip to the arcade without a few rounds of street-fighter or my all time favorite Ghosts 'n Goblins. 


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