Those of you that following the mobile VR scene may recall the Wearality Sky Kickstarter campaign that launched earlier in April this year. What separates the Wearality Sky from other VR mobile phone holders is its custom double Fresnel lenses; These lenses allow a massive 150 degree FOV (Field of View) with no image distortion. As you can imagine their campaign was a huge success with 1,091 backers pledging $117,650 towards the $100,000 goal.

Since funding their Kickstarter the Wearality team have been hard at work refining their design and finalizing the production process, with the goal of a commercial release sometime in 2016.  Early adopter (DevKit) lenses have already begun shipping to backers and with the final design nearing completion some new screen shots have been released of what we can expect in the commercial version.



The original Wearality Sky design was aimed at portability with a fold up frame and no head straps. The headset was intended to be used in conjunction with a hat and clipped to its brim, with optional side blinders being attached to help block out light.



For the commercial design Wearality have moved away from the hat only mounting system and gone with option of a mount that will allow the attachment of an over the counter head strap, as-well as a a flexible shroud enclosure to help block out light.




Both shroud and head mount will be open sourced so you can make your own and modify the design as needed. As a kickstarter backer I'm looking forward to receiving my Wearality Sky in the near future. I'm mainly interested in testing the FOV but its good to see that additional options for mounting and shroud are being made.

These additional options along with the massive FOV will hopefully help make the device more than just a gimmick and something that I can see myself using on a regular basis.


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