Samsung in partnership with Oculus have been at the forefront of Mobile VR development since 2014 when they first released the Note 4 Gear VR (Innovator Edition). Since 2014 we have seen several versions of the Gear VR come and go and with the upcoming release of the Note 7 Samsung has revealed details for a new version of their mobile powered Virtual Reality headset.

Newport Beach, CA, April 5, 2016 – Sidekick VR, the leading cross-platform mobile VR game publisher, announced a partnership with DeNA Westfor exclusive worldwide publishing rights for Protocol Zero,the immersive first person action game originally released for Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus. Sidekick VR will continue support and create updates to Protocol Zero, including the addition of multiple touchpad controls and functionality for the Gear VR gamepad. Additionally, Sidekick VR will develop Protocol Zero for other mobile VR platforms, including Google Cardboard compatible VR headsets.


With the consumer launch of the Gear VR now well underway we're starting to see a flood of titles hitting the Oculus store and Atop the Wizards Tower is definitely one worth a look. Originally developed during the Oculus Mobile Jam back in May, developer Defiant Development have expanded and refined their take on VR tower defense into a fun and at times frantic tap fest.

The consumer release of the Gear VR has been a huge success and no doubt there will be many Gear VR's under Christmas trees this year. For the those new to Gear VR the amount of content available on the Oculus store can be a little overwhelming making it hard to choose where to start, but fear not as our top 5 guide will help ease our new VR brothers and sisters into the world of immersive Virtual Reality.

There was a lot of big announcements to come out of the Oculus Connect developers conference earlier this year but that one that piqued my interest most was that Oculus Arcade would be coming to Gear VR and at last the wait is over. 

Featuring 21 classics from arcade big guns Sega, Midway and Bandai Namco there's something for everyone: