Your palms are sweaty , knees weak, arms are heavy . Everyone seems calm and ready .......... This is most definitely how a Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes game starts off , everyone has their game faces on , until that timer goes off and then most certainly madness ensues.



You are trying to tell people what you are seeing , people are yelling directions left , right and center !! All  I can say its like an old school game board night on steroids (without the obvious awesomeness that is Virtual Reality )  It starts of all friendly and cool but when the bombs start going off its always someone elses fault and most certainly not yours.
2 KeepTalking ManualSpread

The concept is simple, one person wears the VR headset and is presented with a virtual bomb, each bomb has multiple modules that must be defused before the timer reaches zero and the bomb detonates.  In order to defuse the various bomb modules the VR user is given verbal instructions by those not wearing the headset from a printed or PDF bomb manual that explains the various modules and how they can be disarmed.

I found a systematic and pragmatic approach is the best, hear what the person in VR is seeing and take your cues from them . Which wire to cut first is the best and most easiest way to start . Though by far the funniest is the symbols. Everyone sees things in a different way and the descriptions of those symbols are hysterical . My personal favorite was " its a butt with a comma !!"  Add alcohol and then its anyone's guess !!!

When you get  onto the subject of memory, a pen and paper is a must especially for us pragmatical beings . But then again  when alcohol is involved , well....... it just is what it is .  It is a fun game but I did come across a few glitches on the Gear VR version , it's very frustrating when you get the green lights but it just wont diffuse . This happens very little, but when it does it drives you bananas . All in all its an extremely fun game , drunk or sober and will challenge even the best puzzle maniacs . I hope one day to get to the very end and diffuse every bomb possible . I cant wait to see what else Steel Crate Games come up with.


Developer: Steel Crate Games
Platform: Oculus Rift, Gear VR
Release Date: July 16th, 2015 (Gear VR), Fall 2015 (PC), TBA (Morpheus)


SCORE: 8/10

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