One of the major limitations of mobile powered VR is the lack of positional tracking and with Oculus's own Palmer Luckey recently commenting that inside-out tracking is not currently workable on mobile devices, it seemed unlikely that we'd see it anytime soon on their Gear VR.

But all that could be set to change with Swedish developer Univrses currently working on a software solution that promises to bring much needed positional tracking to mobile VR.  Univrses Playground tracking solution uses the camera, accelerometer and gyroscope in your phone along with Computer Vision technology used in robotics to continuously track the camera movements in the room.



This tracking allows free movement within the Virtual world allowing the user to walk around as well as crouch. Along with tracking your body position Univrses also has plans for using a second mobile as a 3d controller allowing basic hand tracking


Early demonstration from November 2014 showing mobile VR tracking

 To help showcase this mobile positioning tech Univrses will be releasing a mobile VR game, Wands: The Magic Duel

"Wands: The Magic Duel is a revolutionary mobile virtual reality game that utilizes ground breaking positioning technology to deliver an experiencelike nothing before it. Not only is the player be able to move, dodge and crouch in VR – the player can also cast and defend against spells in real time using a phone as the controller."



Wands was initially planned to be crowd funded but Univrses have since scrapped their plans for a kickstarter campaign and will be bringing Wands directly to the Gear VR. This decision was made in response to Oculus's announcement that the soon the be release consumer version of the Gear VR will not have positional tracking.


"We at Univrses have some exciting news to share. We recently learned that Samsung Gear VR will ship it’s consumer edition in November without mobile (inside-out) positional tracking. This is our core technology, and that’s why we have decided to rearrange our priorities. We have decided to not launch Wands on Kickstarter, but rather directly on Samsung Gear VR Store." - Univrses Blog



Can Univrses do what Oculus cant and provide the positional tracking solution that's currently lacking in this generation of Mobile VR devices, I certainly hope so and will be keeping a close eye on their progress. Let us know what you think in the comments section below and be sure to check back later for further updates.


+2 # JoeD 2016-01-24 14:37
Thank goodness population controls weren't implemented by the left or these guys might never have been born to bring us this goodness.
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+2 # KenB 2016-01-25 16:06
I... you.. WHAT??
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+1 # Cliff 2016-02-09 18:49
Hey, never miss an opportunity to spread right-wing paranoia, right?
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0 # Brainbeat 2016-01-26 11:31
Good idea cant imagine battery says hello though lol
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0 # vj 2016-01-28 18:25
But will they include the drill so we can drill a hole in the VR Gear backplate so that the camera can see out?
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0 # Greebs 2016-06-30 14:26
Probably not, you could however just... un-clip it.
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