With the consumer launch of the Gear VR now well underway we're starting to see a flood of titles hitting the Oculus store and Atop the Wizards Tower is definitely one worth a look. Originally developed during the Oculus Mobile Jam back in May, developer Defiant Development have expanded and refined their take on VR tower defense into a fun and at times frantic tap fest.


Atop the Wizards Tower puts you in the role of a "Wizard" who's mission is to protect his people from a relentless flood of evil minions. Game-play is your standard tower defense formula, enemy's spawn from multiple points around the map and follow predefined paths in an attempt to reach your base (shiny crystal thingy).


ATWT Screenshot03



 From atop your wizards tower you have a full overview of the map and access to a range of elemental powers to help crush your foe; Elemental powers include Fire, Water, Air and Earth. In order to use an element you must first harvest it from elemental spawn points scattered around each map, harvesting elements is as easy as gazing in its direction and giving a quick tap to the Gear VR's touch-pad.


Once you've picked up an element you have three options available, either hurl the element directly at the enemy, activate one of the many towers around the map or spawn an elemental hero.  Each element a has different effect depending on how its used and in later levels it takes a delicate balance of elemental towers, heros and direct attacks to survive.


 ATWT is a well designed, its cartoony art style works well in VR and the addition of a pair of disembodied floating hands helps with not only giving a point of reference to help reduce VR sickness but also adds to immersion. As an added bonus ATWT runs like a champ, I used my Note 4 Gear VR (innovator edition) while playing and had zero issues with overheating, even with over an hour of continuous play.

Overall, Atop the Wizards Tower is a another great addition to the Gear VR lineup and with an asking price of $4.99 USD for 30 levels it's well worth the purchase.


SCORE: 8.5/10

Developer: Defiant Development
Genre: Strategy
Platform: Gear VR
Release Date: 19/11/2015
Supported Input Devices: Touchpad
Cost: $4.99 via Gear VR Store

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