Announced earlier this year at GDC 2015 HTC & Valve are partnering with Cloudhead Games to bring the VR masterpiece The Gallery 6 Elements to the Vive.

Cloudhead have been developing the Gallery 6 Elements for a number of years now and I had the opportunity to play an early demo version on the Oculus Rift DK1 back in 2013. Even then it was one of the better VR experiences available at the time and it's come a long way with its development since those early days.

Gallery 6 Elements will be killer in the Vive with its new VR controllers & lighthouse tracking system, and will be a must have when the Vive is released later this year.

See the official press release below for more deets.


The Gallery: The Six Elements is a firstperson fantasy/exploration game built from the groundup for virtual reality, using the Unity engine; incorporating various VR and interaction hardware devices. This title will present a rich narrative experience fueled by intuitive physical interaction puzzles, nestled within a deeply immersive environment. Drawing from our inspirations of 80’s adventure movies and classic games such as Monkey Island and Myst, the player must journey through foreign and fantastical worlds, collecting elemental powers and items that will aid them in discovering the mystery of the Machine. What is the Machine? That is the central question posed to the player within The Gallery: Six Elements . The Player takes on the role of an intrepid explorer, attempting to discover the fate of his lost sister who ventured into a vast and forgotten world.

Game Features:
● Fully immersive world built from the ground up for virtual reality
using the Unity Engine
● Groundbreaking gameplay designed to capitalize on the strengths
of VR and motion control
● Intuitive interaction system that allows you to reach out and touch
the game world like never before
● A classic characterdriven
narrative experience inspired by the darker
80’s fantasy films
● Evocative soundtrack by award winning composer, Jeremy Soule
● Succesful Kickstarter 2013

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