Oculus have been copping a lot of flak this past week due to lack of communication during the shipping launch of their highly anticipated "Rift" virtual reality headset. The vast majority of the hate has been coming via Reddit from unhappy pre-order customers who placed their orders within minutes of pre-orders opening back in January and were expecting their Rifts to be shipped on the 28th of March.

Rather than shipping confirmation emails the vast majority of pre-order customers watched the 28th come and go with no update from the team at Oculus. What was seen was a small trickle of shipping emails for Kickstarter backers (who received a free Rift as a thank you from Oculus) and a handful of US based pre-order customers.




The lack of updates from Oculus lead many to believe that the problem was due to shipping or payment processing issues. Oculus have finally put an end to the rampant speculation with an official email sent to pre-order customers advising the delay was due to a component shortage. As compensation for the delay Oculus will providing free shipping for all pre-orders placed before the 1st of April 2016.




This gesture of goodwill from Oculus is a major boon for international pre-order customers who had shipping fees of upto $130 USD. But the big question remains; how much longer can pre-order customer expect to wait.

We'll keep you posted as further details come to light.


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