Ever dreamt of being a wizard able to conjure powerful spells from thin air and hurtle them at your enemies? If your answer is "Hell Yeah"  then The Unspoken may finally make your dreams a reality, albeit a virtual one. 

Currently under development by Insomniac Games as an exclusive for the Oculus Rift + Touch controller, The Unspoken will allow players to step into the dark underworld of wizard dueling. With features including environmental interaction and gesture based spell casting The Unspoken will have you battling across multiple arenas and will include a PvP option.


 Key Features:

  • One vs. One PVP allows you to test your spellcasting skills against friends and strangers.
  • Cast powerful spells. Use a crow skull to summon a destructive Dark Flock, or a tiny effigy to mold street trash into a massive Debris Golem ally. Use a marker to draw a Mystic Wall that becomes an impenetrable shield, or wield a hammer and anvil to forge a shield-shattering Javelin.
  • Unlock and master more than 25 spells, with multiple arenas to conquer.


Set for release during Q4 2016 The Unspoken is shaping up to be a must have or the Rift + Touch, we'll provide a full indepth review as soon as we got our hands on it.


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