The shipping dramas for Oculus continue, in particular for Australian and New Zealand customers.

Pre-orders for the highly anticipated Rift virtual reality headset first opened on the 6th of January with shipping set to start on the 28th of March. Shipping for the vast majority of day 1 pre-orders was first delayed and pushed back to April/May due to what Oculus claimed to be a  component shortage, this issue was resolved in early April and Oculus provided free shipping to all orders placed before April 1st as compensation for the delay.



At this point everying seemed to be back on track for Oculus and new estimated shipping dates were provided for those affected. That was until around a fortnight ago when Oculus hit another snag due to a customs compliance issue.

It's not yet been made clear by Oculus exactly the what the compliance issue is but it caused all deliveries to Australia and New Zealand to grind to a halt.



As of today shipping has again started to Australia but to only to Sydney and Melbourne; to add salt to the wounds of the already disgruntled customer base Oculus are shipping to Australia out of order, meaning Australian customers outside of Sydney & Melbourne that placed  pre-orders within minutes of them opening back in Jan 6 are still waiting for their Rifts to ship while those in Sydney and Melbourne who placed orders as late as last month are receiving them now.

Hopefully Oculus can get these compliance issues resolved sooner rather than later otherwise they may end up seeing some of their most devoted followers jumping ship to their main competitor the HTC Vive.

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