Today, I pushed a giant bouncy ball off a cliff towards a town.

Fireproof Games who previously brought out the multi-award winning "The Room" and "The Room Two" on IOS, Android and PC, have recently released a virtual reality title. Originally a GearVR title, Omega Agent is now available on Oculus Home.

You are a new recruit, in training to become an Omega Agent. There will be jet packs!

At first you are placed into a tutorial where basic controls are explained and you get your first chance to try out the new Jet pack that's been bestowed upon you. The stylized city, although lacking in detail, certainly makes up for it in spades with its sense of scale.

Once the tutorial is over, you are presented with either a sandbox mode or a series of objectives. The objective vary depending on what mission you 're currently flying, from simple checkpoint runs to chasing down and destroying drones. The further you progress with the objectives, more parts of the city start to open up.


The objectives remain short, but fun and each one has a star ranking system that will make you want to go back and get that perfect score on each challenge.

In sandbox mode you are free to explore the city. You will also find pickups located around the map in free mode, attaché cases which seemed to unlock additional cosmetic items and blue prints that are used to craft the Mk2 Jet pack, the latter usually requiring you to blow something up or guide a giant bouncy ball around a course.

The controls are fairly intuitive and you will be flying through buildings with ease in no time.

Although Omega Agent is a single player game, there was also indication a leader board was in the works too which could add a certain re playability for those out there that like to challenge friends.

Being a port of a mobile game I was not expecting much from Omega Agent, but it's a fun little game none the less.  The price point of $14.99 does seem a bit high, considering the original mobile version was $9.99 but as the developers are still adding features to the game we can only wait to see if it's justified.


7Overall6Graphics7Audio7Comfort8Presence7Fun Factor

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