Minecraft fans around the world rejoice as official Rift support is added.

With the release of Minecraft for the Gear VR back in April it was only a matter of time before Rift support was officially added to the PC version, but was it worth the wait..



The bad news is that official Rift support has sadly been limited to the Windows 10 Beta version of Minecraft. This means for now there's no mod support which is the one thing that made Minecraft so great on PC in the first place.


Also at the time of writing this article many users including myself are having issues actually loading the game via the Oculus launcher. Both Mojang and Oculus are aware of the issue are working on a patch to fix the problem.


The good news is that those already using the Windows 10 Beta version of Minecraft get the Rfit support as a free update and those new to Minecraft can download Minecraft for Rift via the Oculus Store then upgrade to the full Beta version in game for a low $9.99 USD.



Also included in this update is cross platform support for Rift, Gear VR, iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices so you can play along with your friends.

 Other features added to help bring Minecraft to VR include:

  • Innate keyboard and mouse support!
  • VR control options for immersive comfortable turning with the Xbox One controller!
  • Fancy-pants graphics stuff, like MSAA for crisp visuals, new render distance settings that will make use of powerful VR graphics cards, and optimized Windows 10 DX11 performance!
  • Even more granular customisation of VR settings, so you can mix-n-match for personalised comfort!


I have my fingers crossed that Mojang/Microsoft will add in support for mods later down the track but for now it will be vanilla only for us Rifters.


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