Touch pre-orders are finally here!

Announced last week at the 2016 Oculus Connect developers conference pre-orders will start on the 10th October at 12pm PT with shipping set to begin on the 6th of December. The $199 US price tag will include an additional constellation tracking camera and 2 bundled games, VR Sports Challenge and The Unspoken.



International pricing and shipping costs will be advised when orders open and those that pre-ordered a Rift earlier this year will be given priority status. It's not clear what priority pre-order status actually entails but I can only assume it will include a guaranteed shipping date of the 6th of December or sooner.

 Oculus copped a lot of flak earlier this year due to massive delays shipping Rift day one pre-orders due to a supposed component shortage; with many customers waiting weeks and in some cases months past their initial shipping dates.

 Oculus claim they'll not make these same mistakes again and will ensure enough stock is available to meet the expected demand.

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