Ever dreamt of being a wizard able to conjure powerful spells from thin air and hurtle them at your enemies? If your answer is "Hell Yeah"  then The Unspoken may finally make your dreams a reality, albeit a virtual one. 

Oculus have been copping a lot of flak this past week due to lack of communication during the shipping launch of their highly anticipated "Rift" virtual reality headset. The vast majority of the hate has been coming via Reddit from unhappy pre-order customers who placed their orders within minutes of pre-orders opening back in January and were expecting their Rifts to be shipped on the 28th of March.

Its been a busy week in the world of VR with GDC coming to a close for another years and Oculus finally revealing the software launch lineup for their soon to be released Rift virtual reality HMD.

Up until now Oculus have been tight lipped as to which titles would be available on launch and with only days left until pre-order shipping (28th March) Oculus finally confirmed the lineup via a press event held at GDC. With 30 titles available including several Oculus exclusives and a handful of Gear VR ports there's a little something for everyone.

More games are expected to be announced in April with the full catalogue of titles expected to reach over 100 by the end of 2016.


The alarm sounds and fills my small cockpit with dread, there are incoming missiles, I can track five of them on my radar closing fast.

As I weave through the wreckage of what once was a massive Gallente fleet trying to find something to give me the advantage the missiles are closing the gap fast. A sharp right turn and I'm flying through what I assume was a docking bay of a carrier or something even larger. Looking over my shoulder I see an explosion but that was only two missiles colliding with the wall.

With shipping of the consumer Oculus Rift just around the corner the time has come for VRDominion to build a new Rift ready PC. We've tried to keep the specs close to Oculus's recommendations as we'll be using it for Rift CV1 testing/reviews and possibly some development work later on down the track.