Revealed during yesterdays Oculus Connect Keynote presentation, CEO and founder of Epic Tim Sweeney showed a new demo they've been working on for Oculus Rift called "Bullet Train"

Epic who recently released Unreal Engine 4 for free to developers aren't planning on releasing Bullet Train as a fully fledged game but rather a proof of concept demo showing how FPS (First Person Shooter) can work in VR.

Sept 24th, Hollywood California - Independent UK developer Rebellion today announced at the Oculus Connect 2 Developer Conference that its stunning VR reboot of Battlezone is in development for the Oculus Rift™.

First unveiled at E3 2015, Rebellion’s neon-hued, tank-blasting reboot received widespread acclaim, proving that comfortable, engaging combat was possible in VR, with Wired UK describing it as “one of the most entertaining games at the entire E3 conference”.

Scheduled for 23rd to 25th of September at Loews Hollywood Hotel in Hollywood CA, the Oculus Connect 2 Developers Conference is targeted at developers that're interested in developing games & applications for Gear VR or soon to be released Oculus Rift.

The conference offers to "bring together" developers from multiple platforms/mediums "to share, connect and collaborate in the interest of creating the best VR experiences."

With the lead up to E3 there's been alot of speculation online as to what Oculus had planned to solve the controller and tracking issues inherent to VR; finally we have an answer with the announce of the highly anticipated "Oculus Touch" controller and "Constellation Tracking System".

"We’ve created Oculus Touch, a new pair of tracked controllers that let you take your VR games and experiences further than ever before."

Earlier today the Oculus team officially announced via their blog the recommended PC system requirements for their upcoming Oculus Rift headset.

Scheduled for release in Q1 2016 the Oculus Rift will have some hefty entry level requirements particularly in the GPU department.

Oculus recommend the following system: