Touch pre-orders are finally here!

Announced last week at the 2016 Oculus Connect developers conference pre-orders will start on the 10th October at 12pm PT with shipping set to begin on the 6th of December. The $199 US price tag will include an additional constellation tracking camera and 2 bundled games, VR Sports Challenge and The Unspoken.

Minecraft fans around the world rejoice as official Rift support is added.

With the release of Minecraft for the Gear VR back in April it was only a matter of time before Rift support was officially added to the PC version, but was it worth the wait..

Today, I pushed a giant bouncy ball off a cliff towards a town.

Fireproof Games who previously brought out the multi-award winning "The Room" and "The Room Two" on IOS, Android and PC, have recently released a virtual reality title. Originally a GearVR title, Omega Agent is now available on Oculus Home.

Its been a long wait but finally our consumer version Oculus Rift (CV1) has arrived and we can now answer the question on everyone's lips....Is it worth it?

The shipping dramas for Oculus continue, in particular for Australian and New Zealand customers.

Pre-orders for the highly anticipated Rift virtual reality headset first opened on the 6th of January with shipping set to start on the 28th of March. Shipping for the vast majority of day 1 pre-orders was first delayed and pushed back to April/May due to what Oculus claimed to be a  component shortage, this issue was resolved in early April and Oculus provided free shipping to all orders placed before April 1st as compensation for the delay.