While the PlayStation VR has many features, it still doesn’t have built-in headphones. To be able to get the most out of its VR gaming environment, a headset designed specifically with PSVR in mind – Plantronics RIG 4VR should be ideal. The functionality of Plantronics RIG is more than “4VR”. Designed to use with the PSVR, the headphone comes with several levels of customization and flexibility. The headband provides a user engaging, immersive experience, delivering both comfort and stability when wearing the RIG. The headband is easily removable if you prefer to use without it.

Held in San Francisco, this years PlayStation Experience had a strong VR presence with Sony showing off some of the titles they're hoping will ensure a strong content lineup for the soon to be released PlayStation VR HMD.

The annual Tokyo Games Show is well known to be Sony's primary event for major PlayStation announcements and this year a little more info on their upcoming VR headset was announced.

Sony have been developing their PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality HMD for a number of years now under the code-name Project Morpheus; with the official launch nearing (Q2 2016) Sony released a new video showing how they're planning to advertise their Virtual Reality headset to the Japanese market and also its official name, PlayStation VR.

October 27, 2015 - The acclaimed virtual reality reboot of Battlezone is now confirmed as a launch title for PlayStation VR. During Sony's international media briefing at Paris Games Week, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida also revealed Battlezone is coming first to PlayStation VR.

As the hardware development phase of Project Morpheus nears completion Sony's focus at E3 this year has been primarily on software.

With over 30 titles currently under development for the soon to be released HMD Sony didn't hold anything back this year with a massive 17 different Morpheus demos on display, here's a few of the highlights.