Announced earlier this year at GDC Sony's Project Morpheus has been under development for several years,  but is it too little too late ?

Driven by a PS4 the final headset specs are still unknown and there are concerns in the VR community that the PS4's hardware will not be up to the task of delivering the low persistence, high resolution experience that's required to deliver true presence.

The current Morpheus development kit is reported to be using a LCD panel with a resolution of 1920x1080 (960x1080 per eye) with 90 degree field of view. When compared to the Rift DK2 from Oculus which has the same resolution, OLED panel and a 100 degree field of view it looks like a fairly close match.

One of the standout features of Morpheus is compatibility with Sony's already tried and tested move controller, this gives the ability to interact with the VR environment similar to the Razor Hydra which is popular with users of the Oculus Rift.


Resolution                1920 x 1080             
Resolution Per Eye                 960x1080
Screen                   LCD
Field of View                    90°


I've not yet had the opportunity to try Morpheus myself but those that have claim that the dreaded screen door effect is no longer an issue which is suprising given the resolution of only 1920x1080. This has led some to believe that Sony are using a screen diffuser or other trickery to reduce the SDE.

With no set release date the final specs could change drastically by the time hits the shelves but with Sony at the helm I'm sure we'll be in for a wild ride.

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