Sony have once again upped the ante in the race for consumer VR with the latest version of their Project Morpheus VR headset.

Shown at last months Game Developers Conference in San Francisco the new prototype has had some major upgrades from what was shown at GDC 2014 including an upgraded screen and larger field of view.

Resized SVN1C


Morpheus 2014

Screen: LCD

Resolution:  1920 X 1080

Refresh Rate: 60hz

Field of View:  90 degree


Morpheus 2015

Screen: OLED

Resolution: 1920 X RGB X 1080

Refresh Rate: 120hz

Field of View: 100 degree


As you can see from the comparison above Sony have decided to move away from LCD in favor of OLED which will help reduce motion blur while the increase in screen size to 5.7 pushes the field of view up to 100 degrees. The improved screen also allows an increased refresh rate of 120hz which means Morpheus could theoretically support frame-rates of up to 120FPS.

Not only has the screen itself been improved they have also added an additional 3 tracking LED's (one on the front & 2 on the side) bringing the total to 9 which will allow for full 360 degree positional tracking while the ever important latency has been pushed down to under 18ms

Ergonomics have also been given an upgrade with a new lightweight single band design and quick release button for an overall more comfortable fit.

With it's release coming in the first half of 2016 Project Morpheus is shaping up to be the must have peripheral for the PS4.

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